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Gravel Driveways in Brighton and the Sussex Area

Right Move Contractors Ltd | New Driveways, Professionally Installed

If you’re after a unique and colourful surface option, consider the benefits of a gravel driveway. Available in a range of sizes and vibrant colours, this aggregate is specially designed to shed water much like modern paving stones. Right Move Contractors Ltd lays gravel driveways throughout Brighton and the nearby Sussex areas. We install these permeable new driveways quickly and efficiently, working closely with home and business owners to craft beautifully designed surfaces.

Given the range of gravel options on offer, you have great control over how your driveway will look and feel. From terraced houses to detached and prestige homes, gravel suits the diverse range of properties seen across the local region.

Call a member of our team to arrange for a free, no-obligation quotation with no deposit needed. We will be delighted to answer your questions about gravel driveways, or if you prefer, can discuss the block paving and tarmac we use for new driveways in Brighton and Sussex.

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Gravel Driveways | First-Class Visual Appeal at a Low Cost

A gravel driveway doesn’t just involve loading aggregates onto a surface and spreading them evenly. Instead, the in-depth process demands professional skill and the right volume of materials. We build new gravel driveways by removing the topsoil and compacting the earth beneath. Our team then lays a special fabric, before installing layers of gravel at various grades. We then compact these layers to create a surface than may last for over a century when regularly maintained.

The Benefits of Gravel Driveways

One of the best things about gravel is that it’s simple to replenish as you see fit – a process known as regrading. You only need to call a team, with a talent for building new driveways, to replace lost materials for your surface to look as good as new. Gravel resists freeze-thaw cycles and won’t show signs of wear due to abrasion or weather conditions, but the biggest advantage is its permeability. This makes gravel the ideal choice for homeowners in Brighton and Sussex who often see water pooling on their driveway’s surface.

Gravel driveways prove that you can enjoy visual elegance at a low price. In fact, its affordability is why you often see gravel as the surface of choice for large pathways around historic properties.

Suitable for All Driveways and Landscapes

When it comes to new driveways, Right Move Contractors Ltd offers gravel in various styles. We can even combine it with other surfacing products for a more personalised outdoor space, adding a touch of class with a design that meets your requirements. With over five decades of shared experience and reputation in Brighton and the surrounding Sussex areas, we work hard to craft visually appealing spaces.

Our Trading Standards-approved team supplies one-year, insurance backed guarantees to give all customers confidence in the finished results. In this manner, we aim for 100 per cent customer satisfaction with all surfacing jobs.

To learn more about the gravel driveways we provide to clients in Brighton and the surrounding areas, please call us on 01273 256738 or 07585 879621.

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